Whilst our dogs have been well cared for in the racing kennel environment, they benefit from time in foster care prior to adoption in order to help them adjust to life in a domestic environment.  
GAP SA is always on the lookout for dog lovers all over South Australia willing to join the foster care program and help prepare retired greyhounds for their forever home.  
The more foster carers we have, the sooner the greyhounds can be placed into adoptive homes following their retirement from racing. 
What’s involved?
Foster care requires a dedicated individual or family to take a greyhound into their home and assist the greyhound to learn behaviours that are desirable in a domestic pet. The foster process can be as short as two weeks, or may be as long as a couple of months, depending on the requirements of each greyhound. Foster carers assist the greyhound with the transition from life in a kennel environment to life in a family home.
GAP SA will of course be there to guide you through your foster care experience and provide any information you need at any time!

Greyhounds for Foster

There are two types of foster care:

General Foster Care

Foster care of greyhounds to help them prepare for adoption
General Foster Care is perfect for those people who are not ready to make a long term commitment, but love the company of dogs.
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Foster to Adopt

Fostering with a view to adopting
Foster to Adopt is a an ideal option for families to get to know their prospective pet before making the official decision to adopt. It often fast-tracks your application by removing the waiting time that may be associated with the matching process.
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What's involved?

Not much apart from a loving home! Our greyhounds just need to be helped transition into a home environment. There is not too much to it, and we will help you along the way with everything you need, as well as regular updates and a handy 24 hour phone line.

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Who can foster a greyhound?

Anyone! We only have a few requirements

Other than our need to ensure that your home is suitable for a greyhound, there are no specific qualifications required. Anyone with patience and a love for dogs can become a foster carer.

What is required to become a foster carer

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