Before You Apply

We are so excited that you are looking to add a greyhound to your family. Whether you are looking to foster or adopt there are certain aspects that you should consider before applying.

Firstly, ensure that you have read up on the breed. We love greyhounds and think that their gentle nature makes them a great pet, but that doesn't mean that they are right for everyone.

Ensure that your household meets the below requirements.

While we consider each application against an individual greyhound's temperament requirements there are a few basic factors that each application needs for us to be able to rehome a greyhound in that environment.

  • Have a yard with (We do ask for yard photos with every application)
    • A secured fence (over 5 foot in all areas)
    • Lockable gates
    • Some shelter from the elements
  • Any other dogs residing at the home must be desexed

If you are looking to foster a greyhound there are a few extra considerations that you can find here. 

Each greyhound will have separate requirements such as time that they can be left alone, company that they need and, their suitability to live with children. This information refers to the individual temperament of the greyhound. You are most likely to be successful in your application by paying close attention to these requirements and only applying for greyhounds that match your home environment.

We look forward to receiving your application and adding a greyhound to your family!

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