Participation in the You. Me. 6 Weeks. foster program entails a few necessary requirements:

- A securely fenced in yard (over 5ft in all areas) with lockable gates
- Shelter from the elements
- The provision of raw or cooked mince meat in their daily diet
- Willingness to provide basic obedience and household training to your greyhound
- Access to transportation to and from the GAP SA office and to authorised vet visits

Other considerations:

- If your yard is a lot larger than a standard size house block we may need to to do a yard check
- We recommend that your foster greyhound sleeps inside at night
- Greyhounds generally socialise well with children and other animals - we will work with you to ensure that the dog you receive matches your home and family environment closely
- A muzzle is always required in public
- Greyhounds can never be let off their lead in public (this includes beaches, council off-lead areas and dog parks)
- No prior knowledge of greyhounds is required to be a foster carer - GAP SA will provide all relevant training and support

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