Green Collar Assessments

Regardless of where an adopted greyhound has been obtained, GAP SA will assess any retired greyhound for a green collar, allowing the owner walk their greyhound in public places without a muzzle, provided it is wearing its GAP green collar.

Greyhounds that are to be assessed as a GAP SA dog must be desexed, vaccinated, ear branded and microchipped.

A non-refundable assessment fee of $100 applies per assessment.

The greyhound must be with their new owner for at least three months prior to the assessment. At the end of the three-month period, the owner is to contact GAP SA to arrange the green collar assessment.  The owner is required bring the greyhound in at the appointed time and present proof of desexing, vaccination and microchip.  If the greyhound passes the assessment a muzzle exemption safety certificate will be provided and then the greyhound can go un-muzzled, wearing its GAP green collar.

For further information or to register your greyhound for a green collar assessment, please contact GAP SA on 8243 7124 or email

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