New sights and sounds for your greyhound


Many greyhounds, and dogs in general get on well with cats, and unfortunately some do not. We test our greyhounds for cat suitability, so you will know whether or not the greyhound you are adopting or fostering is cat tolerant. 

We recommend that even when introducing your cat tolerant greyhound to your cat or other small pets, to take lots of care and use a muzzle. GAP are there to help you with any advice throughout this process.


Some things that are second nature to humans, may be new to a greyhound. There will be some new sights and sounds like your greyhound will require getting used to, but don’t stress, greyhounds learn and adapt very quickly, especially with some reassurance from you! Things from vacuum cleaners, washing machines may take some getting used to. Even mirrors and glass may be new to a greyhound! If you have any issues, we recommend sticking some tape across the mirrors or glass to help your grey in the early stages.


It is the law that greyhounds must always be on a lead when in a public place, including designated off lead areas or dog parks. Greyhounds are sight hounds and once they are running to something they have seen in the distance; it is very difficult to recall them.  Couple this with the fact that they can see clearly for up to one kilometre and can travel at over 60km per hour, you can see why it is unsafe for greyhounds to be allowed to be off lead in public places.

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