Supported Adoptions

What is Supported Adoption?

Supported Adoption is essentially the same as foster-to-adopt except the greyhound has already passed their Green Collar Assessment and is not required to wear their muzzle in public or return to GAP for this assessment.

GAP SA will support families in transitioning their greyhounds into their homes as well as providing the essentials that they need for this period.

We will provide you with:

  • 2.5kgs Bag of Dry Dog Food
  • 3kgs Frozen Pet Mince
  • 1 Month Flea & Worming Treatment
  • Green Collar & Lead
  • Muzzle
  • Winter Coat
  • Information Pack and Greyhound Documentation

These greyhounds still require some assistance transitioning into the home with regards to learning the environment due to not being fostered prior but are not required to wear a muzzle due to being comfortable and well-mannered around other dogs.

Greyhounds available for Supported Adoption are coming straight from their trainers and therefore have not had as much exposure as those who have been fostered but this is a beautiful journey and also makes relationship bonding that little bit more special!

The fee for Supported Adoption is $200 and the greyhound will be vaccinated, de-sexed, microchipped and will have undergone a dental and full health assessment. If for any reason the greyhound is not the right for your family he or she can be returned to the program and a reimbursement of $100 will be provided.

If you have any questions regarding Supported Adoption please don’t hesitate to contact the GAP Team at 8243 7124.

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