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Greyhounds make wonderful, affectionate pets. Gentle and well mannered, they thrive on human companionship and form bonds quickly. Despite their explosive speed on the track and impressive stature, greyhounds require very little exercise and once retired they're more likely to want to curl up for a snooze than run around the yard all day. They are not aggressive and their calm, docile nature means they suit many people's living situations.

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The experience of life in racing kennels does not expose greyhounds to many routine elements of life in a typical home. They adapt very quickly to different situations, meaning that their transition from racing greyhound to retired pet usually happens quite readily.

These loyal and loving dogs are best suited to indoors living while the family is at home. If you are looking for a constant outside yard dog, then a GAP SA greyhound may not be the best choice for you.

The greyhound seems most content when sitting on the couch beside you with their long elegant head nestled snuggly in your lap.

A very strong trait of the greyhound is its desire and need for human contact. Owners of pet companion greyhounds constantly comment on their "second shadow".


Life in racing kennels may be relatively sheltered, meaning that when you invite a greyhound into your home there will be many things that they have never seen before and may not initially understand.

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Care and Feeding


Greyhounds don't have a lot of hair, and this makes them all the easier to care for. A quick brush with a rubber-grooming glove and a rub of the coat with a dry towel makes for a great looking dog. "Scrubbing" the dog's coat with your fingers brings the oil up to the skin and will feel great to the dog.

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Non GAP SA Green Collar Assessments

Regardless of whether a greyhound has been certified through GAP SA or come through some other program, GAP SA will assess any desexed greyhound for green collar certification with the aim of helping as many dogs as possible to find their forever homes.

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