The 9 Biggest Misconceptions About Greyhounds

Jun 02, 2022

Greyhounds are a hugely popular breed of dog these days. But there are still lots of people out there potentially wary of adopting greys due to a few common misconceptions about greyhounds. Here are the Top 9!

1. They need a lot of physical exercise

This is the biggest misconception of all! Although they may have started their life as race dogs, greyhounds are in fact the biggest couch potatoes you will ever meet. They do appreciate going for walks like a regular dog, but just a short walk once a day is fine. They are sprinters, so they do get tired easily.

2. They require a large backyard & are not suited to apartment living 

Their temperament and placidness make some greyhounds well suited to apartments and dwellings with limited outdoor space.

3. They are an expensive dog to keep

Although they may be a large dog, they are a low energy breed, so they often eat less than a smaller but more active dog.

4. They have a lot of medical issues

As a general rule, greyhounds are sound and healthy dogs.

5. They need owners that are home a lot

Many greyhounds are more than happy to be left to their own devices during the day if you are a full-time worker.

6. They are just racing dogs

Once retired, these elite athletes become champion pets that need love and attention just like any other dog.

7. They must be vicious if they wear muzzles

No, muzzles do not mean they are vicious. As of 1st January 2019, all greyhound pet owners in Victoria can choose to have their greyhounds muzzle free in public. Prior to this, only greyhounds who had been adopted through GAP and wore a special GAP Green Collar could go without a muzzle in public. GAP greyhounds will continue to have temperament assessments to ensure they are safe around small dogs and are safe to go un-muzzled in public.

8. They cannot live with small animals or children

This is not necessarily so; however it does depend on the individual greyhound in question.

At GAP each greyhound is tested to see if they are tolerant of small dogs, cats and children. When a dog is available for adoption, this information is provided to prospective adopters to ensure that the greyhound will be a good fit for them and their family.

9. They cannot swim as they have no or a very low percentage of body fat

Greyhounds can swim however, not all of them like being water babies as they hate getting their paws wet.

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