Curiouser and Curiouser: Foster Readying Your Home

Oct 28, 2022

I am currently fostering another greyhound. It’s been a while since I have and I am once again having to dog-proof my house a little – and I thought it might be prudent to share some tips and tricks with you all!

When a foster greyhound comes home, you have to remember that they have likely never been in a house before. Everything in your home is brand new and super cool and interesting! They’ve never seen any of these weird human things before, and that can elicit a lot of excitement, as well as apprehension.

Clear your counters – those legs are long and those noses are curious. I learnt this lesson over again fast this week when Pancake (our foster) came home. We normally store our bread on top of the toaster – this was an error, and he ate half the loaf before I caught him. That was a tummy ache and a half for the silly boy! The bread, and the fruit bowl, have now been moved out of reach. As has the bird seed, which was very interesting and delicious for my new long dog.

Pancake has also been very interested in dirty dishes – honestly, though, I haven’t minded that, it has encouraged us to keep on top of them a lot better! We must keep the toilet lid closed because otherwise there is an irresistible cocktail just waiting to be drunk. Toilet paper has been stored out of reach, and NOTHING is left in the sink to defrost any more.

Much like a toddler, a retired racer learns with their hands and mouth – everything is to be tested for deliciousness. That includes your dish sponge, your toilet brush, and possibly your shoes. Most hounds realise quickly that they don’t want the item, and if not, they almost always happily trade it for a high-value treat!

Our biggest challenge in the first week of having Pancake has not been the things we expected – like toilet training or getting along with our other dogs (they adore each other). Instead, it has been a very long, very curious nose in amongst all our personal belongings!

This isn’t to say this behaviour lasts forever. I have two other hounds who ignore pretty much all the above and have done since a week or two into pet life. After just a few days, Pancake is already settling down, and soon enough he will be as indifferent to things at home as my existing hounds are. Once the novelty of the fun nice-smelling things wears off, and they realise it’s not for them, things tend to calm down.

That being said, my meat is still NEVER safe to defrost in the sink…


Author: Charlie Jayde
Greyhound Owner for 4 years / GAP Volunteer
Experienced Dog Trainer

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