Greyhounds for adoption


2.5 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 8
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for full time hours

Vivacious Verona ... Dark Brindle | 26kgs 

Verona is a friendly, sweet and affectionate little girl who is looking for a loving and caring forever home to call her own. 

Specific Requirements:

  • Verona is happy living as an only dog or with M-L dog company
  • She can do part-time to full-time hours alone
  • She is happy living with children over 8 
  • Verona is not suitable with cats, poultry or pocket pets 

What we have noticed: 

  • Verona is a very affectionate, intelligent and mischievious greyhound 
  • She knows the house rules but sometimes is cheeky and doesn't obey them
  • Her joy and happiness for life is so attractive that you tend to forget her cheekiness 
  • She can be a bit of a food thief and is a fast eater who would benefit eating from a slow-bowl
  • Verona loves playing with her soft, squeaky toys and runs around the house tossing them around 
  • She has excellent lead manners and thoroughly enjoys her walks
  • She is a quirky little girl who enjoys sniffing and exploring out and about 
  • Verona is living in foster care with 3 greyhounds whom she gets along well with but isn't dependent on 

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