Greyhounds for adoption


2 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 12
Requires any size dog company
Can be alone for minimal hours

King Kenny...Black | 30kgs

Kenny is a beautiful boy whose race name was Kenny from Yarra, but he never actually raced, as he didn’t quite get the whole chasing the lure thingy the other doggos do at the track. Kenny is a bit of a shy dog who takes his time to warm up but once he does, he loves giving cuddles and kisses.  

Specific requirements:

  • Kenny requires the company of any sized female dog
  • He can stay home for full-time hours with company
  • He is best suited to a home with children 12 years and older
  • Not suitable to live with cats, pocket pets and poultry 

What we have noticed:

  • Kenny will be best suited to a quiet home
  • He can actually sit and shake
  • Once Kenny gains his confidence he will be very outgoing and loyal
  • Kenny will benefit from learning from a confident female in the home

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