Greyhounds for adoption


2 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 8
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for part time hours

Little Missy... | Brindle | 25kg

Missy, who judging by her profile pics has the biggest tongue in history which may have slowed her down during her very short race career as ‘Kerry and Bella’. She is a very fun and silly girl, who could best be described as a loveable goofball. She loves interaction with people and has a zest for life.

Specific requirements:

  • Missy can live as an only dog or M-L Male
  • She can live alone for part-time hours only, full time with a companion
  • Missy can live with children over the age of 8
  • She is not suitable to live with cats, poultry or pocket pets

What we’ve noticed:

  • Missy is a confident, outgoing girl.
  • She is very playful and would love a playful companion
  • She will be best suited to an active home
  • Missy likes to spends her time playing and mucking around


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