Greyhounds for adoption


3 Years Old
Cat potential
Children over 5
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for full time hours

 Sweet Sparkling … | Black| 27kg | 

Sparkling has a sparkling personality! She acts like a puppy, loves to give everyone she meets cuddles and kisses. She is a really fun gal, who adores her squeaky toys!

Specific requirements:
-    Sparkling can live with a medium + sized dog or as an only dog.
-    She is suitable for part time hours alone or full-time hours with dog company.
-    Sparkling is suitable to live with children aged 5+.
-    She is unable to live with poultry or pocket pets.
-    Sparkling has potential to be home with cat.
What we have noticed:
-    Sparkling is a silly gal who acts like a puppy.
-    She loves pats and all attention
-    Enrichment toys/food-based games are a great way to keep her entertained during day.
-    Sparkling is a big fan of toys especially the squeaky ones!
-    She loves a good cuddle and a kiss!
-    Sparkling is very treat motivated.

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