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Hi, my name is Tom. I'm a 3 year old greyhound who has spent approximately 5 weeks living in the suburbs with a foster family. 

My foster family is small, father and son and a jack russell/fox terrier cross called Bella.

I love to chill out and sleep a lot and play follow the leader in the back yard with Bella, I am mostly the follower.  

I am mainly an outdoor dog,  but when I get the chance to come indoors I love exploring the house sniffing everything I walk past. I like to come up to my owner when they're lying on the couch and put my face close to theirs until they give me a scratch under the chin.  I especially love it when my owner gives me a big hug around my chest and gives me a kiss on the top of my head.

I love to curl up on the lounge room floor on my mattress while the family watches TV. 

I'm a little shy when a stranger comes over to visit but it doesn't take me long to trust them and let them give me pat.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

If you would like to meet Tom please contact the staff at GAP SA on 8243 7124

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