Adjusting back to office life

Jun 16, 2020

So it’s time to head back to work after working from home but you are not sure how your greyhound will react to going back to so much alone time? Never fear! We have a few tips to help your greyhound adjust back to your normal routine.

Get back to your pre COVID-19 routine

Living life without a commute has led to changes in routine for most people. Keep meal times the same for your grey and keep their walks to the same time of day too, sticking to the times outside of when you will be gone from the house.

Play some background music

If you’re working in a home office in another room consider playing some soothing music or talk back radio quietly in the lounge room and then placing a dog bed/mat in the room. Continue to play this music even when you leave the house and when you return to attending your normal workplace.

Exercise , exercise, exercise

Try getting your greyhound out for his or her daily walk in the morning before you leave for the day so that he can get rid off any restless energy. The physical exercise will help to tire them out so it is great for first thing in the morning if you can!

Don’t forget the attention

Your greyhound is likely to have gotten used to a little extra attention over the last few months, and even if you begin to get more time poor with the return to normalsy your greyhound is still likely to expect that extra little pat. So don’t forget to dish out the extra cuddle and pat here and there so that your greyhound knows that they are still a number 1 priority.

Keep arrivals and departures low-key

It is very important to make your arrivals and departures from the home an unexciting event, as this will help prevent stress to your greyhound when you do have to leave the house. It’s important that no matter how long you’re gone for, they know you’re coming back!

Get them used to their space again

If you have a bit of time before you return to the office, take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that you practice some alone time, even if you are at home. Close the door to your working space, place them outside for longer periods with enrichment toys and ensure that they are feeling comfortable in their own space. Try not to make too big a deal when you put them in or out for alone time, so that they remember that this is just the normal and it is ok to have their own time.

Keep them occupied

A bored and lonely greyhound can lead to unwanted destruction, especially if they have gotten used to you being around more. Providing them with enrichment toys is one way to keep them occupied and mentally stimulated while you are away. Leaving them alone with a slow-chew treat such as a raw marrowbone, dried tendon chew or pig’s ear is also a great option to keep them occupied. Remember when giving your dogs treats like these not to try to take them away from them upon your return as this can result in the development of resource guarding behaviours.

Remove triggers

At random times throughout the day pop your work shoes on, put on your jacket and pick up your handbag. Making sure that you treat the dog when you do this. Wear these items around the house for 10 minutes and take them back off. Pick up your car keys, treat the dog, and then make a cup of tea jingling the keys as you do it and don’t go anywhere. Doing this removes negative associations with the things you do right before you leave.

Slowly return to work 

If possible see if you are able to work shorter hours at first, coming back at lunchtime, working from home a couple of days in the first week back, etc.

Nanny cam 

When you first go back to work or for a couple of ‘test runs’ before you go back consider filming your dog during the day, so you can make sure they’re coping. You can do this by using security cameras, a phone, tablet or webcam. Some of these are very inexpensive too

If you’re ready to welcome your new greyhound family member of your own visit the Foster and Adopt pages to find out more!

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