Life After Adoption - Smokey

Jan 16, 2020

You probably remember Smokey our amazing foster carer Jennie Alcorn's 100th hound… well here is is a little update on what he is up to these days now he has been adopted by the Jones Family.

For Smokey’s new family after just three and a half months together it feels like Smokey has been with them forever! Here is a peek at some of his adventures so far.

After a big day walking and swimming at the beach in Robe ...












Smokey travels well and goes with them wherever they can take him. He loves getting in the car. He gets very excited about going on car rides be it to park run every fortnight, visiting friends, going on holidays or going to work.

Here he is very happy in the back of my car waiting for his family to all to get organised to go.


“He makes us laugh with his playfulness, he brings us joy with all the cuddles and he keeps us well with all the walks.
There is no doubt Lee is his master, however, we each have our own special bond with him.”
- K, Jones



And as you can see he feels very much at home.

If you’re ready to welcome your new greyhound family member of your own visit the Foster and Adopt pages to find out more!

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