Looking for your soulmate? Here’s one we prepared earlier.

Apr 21, 2017

Love at first sight. I was never a believer. It was something that happened to Meg Ryan, and occasionally when faced with a fresh almond croissant.

But then I met a guy who made my calves wobble.

He was tall, dark and handsome.

Perfect, perky ears, flipped to attention.

Eyes like melted chocolate and the most incredible butt I'd ever beheld.

He was gorgeous.

Even with his awkward skin condition, bald thighs and meat breath, I eagerly leaned in for the kiss.

And was met with a snoot* softer than baby duck fuzz.

That guy was a greyhound named Dave. And since finding each other, life has become one of those cheesy rom coms complete with slow-mo beach running, shared sunsets, candlelit dinners (his: raw kangaroo, hers: tuna ceviche) and quiet nights spent upside down on the couch with paws askew.

I adopted Dave accidentally.

While living alone, working from home and approaching insanity, I was struck by an idea: foster a greyhound!

There’s no saying where this canine bolt came from - it jolted me upright in bed and I was on the phone to GAP SA the next day.

I’d never had a dog, my inner-city villa was deficient in grass and there was a landlady to woo - but the kind folk at GAP assured me that I met all the requirements and would pair me with a suitably low-maintenance soul.

(Little did I know that ALL greyhounds are low-maintenance. They’re cats dressed as dogs, without the bad attitude.)

23 hours later, I was pulling into the racetrack carpark to meet my blind doggie date.

And there was Dave, sporting a bright blue ‘L Plate’ jacket, standing with his trainer on the grass, wagging his tail and dipping his head deferentially. He was quiet, shy and cosmically sweet. Sleek and svelte, like a canine corvette. My heart grew tiny wings and tried to take off. Was this...was this love at first sight?

The wonderful women at GAP HQ chatted to me about taking care of my hound, bundling up all the necessary supplies, kibble and contact numbers should I have any questions. I signed the papers, took Dave’s lead, ushered him into my tiny two-door car and grinned all the way home.

One week in, it was clear that this ‘fostering’ arrangement was never going to work.

Give Dave back?

Out of the question.

Five weeks later, I joined the ‘foster fails’ society and adopted Dave officially. I’d lost possession of my couch, but gained the greatest dog of all time.

Thinking of fostering or adopting a greyhound? Here’s a rapid-fire list of what to expect.

Love at first sight. See above.

Greyhound magnetism. Out on walkies, your greyhound will magically attract people who want to pat, fawn over and eagerly enquire about them. Don’t be alarmed, it’s all part of the package.

Low-energy living. These environmentally-friendly dogs are light on emissions (besides methane). Despite their speedy reputation, your greyhound will spend 23.5 hours per day on the couch, on their bed, flat on the floor at your feet - only rising for food or to zoom maniacally up and down the hallway before once again adopting savasana.

Unconditional-love shadow. Your greyhound will make you feel like the only person in the world. Staring at you with bottomless brown eyes at all times, your grey is guaranteed to boost self-esteem, negate loneliness, reduce stress hormones (science says so) and lope after you as you move from room-to-room. Feeling special comes complimentary with your hound. You’re welcome.

Social media fame. Leggier than Elle Macpherson, your greyhound is prime Instagram and Facebook fodder. They’re the most photogenic dogs on the internet - no airbrushing required. Exploit them for fame, fortune and a rapidly growing friend count.

Friendship losses. For all the followers you gain online, you may lose a handful in real life. I’m no longer miffed when my mates reach out ‘to see if Dave’s free for a walk?’, enquire ‘...will you be bringing Dave to the party?’ or encourage me to take a holiday so they can ‘mind Dave for a few weeks’. Your greyhound is more lovable than you. Accept it.

An aura of royalty. Greyhounds are believed to be the oldest breed of domesticated dog in the world. Squatting sphinx-like beside Ancient Egyptian Kings, draped casually over chaise-lounges in the drawing rooms of Europe’s elite and referred to with reverence in Roman poetry, greyhounds are regal beings. Your greyhound is equal parts grace, poise and goofiness.

Burned out on greyhound gushing for one day?

I’ll leave you to meditate on the merits of adopting a greyhound - but Dave and I will be back next week to covertly convince you that you need one in your life. No pressure. (Pressure).

Oh, and even if you’re not currently up for fostering or adopting a canine, be sure to share this with interested friends and family.

Greyhounds make the most incredible pets. More than that - they fill a part of your soul you didn’t know was empty. They’re unconditional love on four legs - and so many are in need of warm homes this winter.

Get in touch with GAP SA to find out more, or keep following along for more tails from Daaaaave the adopted greyhound.

<3 Catie + Dave

*snoot = greyhound lingo for ‘snout’ - those long, pointy things that sit daintily atop the muscular form of your hound.

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