Greyhounds don't have a lot of hair, and this makes for a pet that is easy to care for. A quick brush with a rubber-grooming glove and a rub of the coat with a dry towel makes for a great looking dog. "Scrubbing" the dog's coat with your fingers brings the oil up to the skin and will feel great to the dog.

Bath Time
How often a greyhound gets bathed very much depends on how dirty they get. Due to their minimal, sleek, low shedding coat, they also don’t get that “doggy odour” as much as other breeds of dog. To bathe your greyhound, select a shampoo (and conditioner for a super soft and shiny coat) specifically designed for dogs – oatmeal based products are fantastic for reducing dandruff. Unless a greyhound gets particularly dirty it will not need bathing very often. Most greyhounds are bathed every 8-12 weeks. Washing too often strips the coat of its natural oils and dries the coat and the skin.

It is advisable to check your greyhounds' ears regularly. Ensure they are not overly dirty, smelly, itchy, red or have abnormal discharge. If you have any concerns you should contact your veterinarian. Never wet or dampen the inside of your greyhounds ears, and when bathing ensure no water runs into the ear.

It is not uncommon for greyhounds to have bad teeth, partly due to the soft diet they are fed when racing but also due to the structure of their mouth. All greyhounds have their teeth scaled and polished before adoption, but like humans plaque and tartar will build up if you don’t help them take care of their teeth. Brushing with a specially designed doggy toothbrush and toothpaste can help stop tartar from occurring (do NOT use human toothpaste). Raw marrow bones are also good for keeping teeth clean but must be fed away from other dogs. It is advisable to have your greyhound's teeth checked by your veterinarian regularly.

All the weight of a dog is placed on its feet. Therefore it is vital to keep an eye on your greyhounds toenails and trim as necessary. Most greyhounds are used to having this done while they stand, however your veterinarian can always assist with this.

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