Is a Greyhound Right For You

To help you decide whether a greyhound is the right breed for you and your family, please consider the following:

  • Greyhounds sleep a lot and often enjoy a lazy lifestyle
  • Greyhounds enjoy walks and prefer a short 20-30 minute walk, but can go longer if trained
  • Greyhounds make great apartment dogs due to their low energy level
  • Greyhounds are all very individual and can be fun, lazy, silly, goofy, calm, easy-going, entertaining, gentle, playful, sweet-natured, affectionate, happy, independent, placid but are most of all loving
  • Greyhounds require very little grooming as they have very short coats
  • Greyhounds as a breed do not tend to bark
  • Greyhounds can learn to live on their own or with other existing pets
  • Greyhounds make great family pets and many live with young families, but are also great for full-time workers or retirees
  • Greyhounds live longer than most large breed dogs; 12-15 years on average
  • Greyhounds are known to suffer from fewer health conditions than other pure breeds often do
  • Greyhounds are not allowed off lead in public in South Australia
  • Greyhounds are not suited to being guard dogs
  • Greyhounds do not make good jogging companions
  • Greyhounds are large breed dogs and can take up space; turning in a hallway or sleeping in the middle of the floor
  • Greyhounds are generally inside dogs - most are not suited to living outdoors

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